Cat Secrets Revealed Review

Reviewer: Sheryl Edwards

Cat training reviewed: Cat Secrets Revealed

Rating: 5 stars

Cat Secrets Revealed Review:

Cat Secrets Revealed is a package of 2 instantly downloadable ebooks, Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed and Cat Grooming and Health Secrets Revealed, as well as 2 special mini-reports, Amazing Kitten Care Secrets and Feline Nutrition Secrets.

Written by Liz Barton, a cat trainer from Texas with years of hands on experience and after hundreds of books of research, the Cat Secrets Revealed package comes with nearly everything you need to know about solving cat behavioural problems and building a loving and lasting relationship with your cat.

The tips contained in these books are safe, effective and truly work. A small sample of the wide range of solutions include:

- How to end litter box problems
- How to stop the biting
- How to stop cat scratching
- De-stress your cat to fix bad behaviour
- How to stop cat spraying
- How to win over timid cats
- How to get your cat to get along with other cats and dogs
- How to keep the peace if you have more than one cat
- How to building a loving relationship with your cat
- How to choose the best toys that are fun and safe
- How to keep catnip as fresh and potent as possible
- How to solve other behavioural problems, eg. How to stop cats from chewing on electrical cords, bolting out of the door, how to get them off the kitchen counter, stop them from jumping on you in the middle of the night, etc

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Our research shows that this is the most well received cat training instructional material, with an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Highly recommended!

Actual Customer Feedback

I've had a few cats before but now that I have this info my new kitten seems the happiest and is surely the most behaved of them all. And in return I am happier with her. – portion of actual customer feedback from Elizabeth Campos (Sugarhouse, UT)

I think your health and diet details alone are worth twice the investment for this book. You've provided some truly excellent information that everyone with a cat must read. Well Done! – portion of actual customer feedback from Dr Peter Tylee (Albury, Australia)

every cat lover can benefit from the knowledgeable information whether or not they are getting their first kitten or have had several cats over the years. The information and the way it's presented is quite helpful. Here's hoping all cat parents are able to receive copies of your books.– portion of actual customer feedback from Sabline (Chicago, Illinois)

In a nutshell

The Cat Secrets Revealed package includes:

- Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed
- Cat Health and Grooming Secrets Revealed
- Amazing Kitten Care Secrets
- Amazing Kitten Care Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide to Caring For And Raising a Happy, Sociable Cat
- Feline Nutrition Secrets
- Bonus Gift



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60 day full money back guarantee

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